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Why Use 3PL Warehousing?

Posted on 02. Jul, 2013 by in 3pl, Warehousing

In a business climate where the average company will need to make decisions in the blink of an eye, being able to control your expenditures with a great amount of flexibility is a luxury that can be difficult to attain.  Outsourcing your warehousing distribution centers with third-party or 3PL warehousing is an excellent way to ensure that products coming in and moving out will be sure to end up at your door. 

Outsourcing Compared To In sourcing

A small company may need only a small amount of warehouse space and be able to find inexpensive storage units with which they are able to provide for their company’s access to goods.  For medium and large sized companies, however, that need large amounts of freight moved at any given time, outsourcing your warehouse systems is an excellent way to save money.  Not only can you cut the cost down of storage by half, since it is not necessary to purchase or lease a warehouse, but you will not have to pay utilities and get a discount of equipment and administration.  The end result can be paying a fraction of the fee for 3PL warehousing that you would for your own organization.

On Time, Every Time

The best feature about warehousing, however, is the certainty of the organization.  These warehouses have administrators that are experienced and know how to get wares in and out as fast as possible.  This means no bottleneck from inexperienced management or any risk of systems failing, so that the trucks always come in and out with the profits.

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