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What Logistics Clients Are Really Looking For

Posted on 04. Dec, 2013 by in 3pl

Logistics companies face numerous challenges in satisfying their current clients while staying competitive.  Determining what the top priority should be is definitely among these challenges.  The importance of logistics speed cannot be denied, but at the same time, there are other things that a company must deliver.  The most effective logistics companies are able to balance these elements and adapt as necessary to the needs of their clients.

Speed, of course, is a top concern for logistics companies, especially in the U.S.  While some countries might not have the same emphasis on ever-faster results, businesses and customers here have both shown an interest in that kind of improvement.  With the sheer number of competitors and with online marketplaces competing against physical stores, speed is a huge selling point.  The importance of logistics speed lies in the fact that clients today do not just expect speed — they more or less see it as a right.

Of course, logistics companies should not pursue speed at the cost of reliability or customer service.  A logistics company that is usually speedy but occasionally misses the mark significantly will be seen as riskier than a company that offers moderately quick, predictable services.  A company that neglects to keep its clients informed or satisfied may also find that speed is not always enough.  It is important for logistics companies to broaden their focus and strive to offer their best in all of these areas.

It is crucial to remember that speed cannot make up for poor practices in the area of planning, supply management, or risk evaluation.  However, companies that improve those skills can improve their efficiency and give their clients better turn times.  Even though the importance of logistics speed is clear, the attempt to bring operations up to speed should never consist of stripping down quality control procedures or taking other shortcuts.  Instead, a logistics company should focus on improving things like its procedures, technology systems, and employee training in order to deliver results that are fast but still consistent and client-oriented.

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