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Tips on Managing Logistics Effectively

Posted on 20. May, 2014 by in Shipping, Warehousing

Tips on Managing Logistics EffectivelyLogistics deal with a wide range of issues, such as the location materials and supplies need to be shipped, how they can be transported effectively as well as when they must arrive in such a manner as they would arrive without interruptions in a smooth and orderly process. Logistical chains can be difficult to manage, unless you possess a gift for efficiency and you anticipate issues and deal with them with a number of plans ready for any contingency. You must keep sharp and expect the unexpected when you’re dealing with this line of work. The following tips will give you some idea what you can do to increase your efficiency:

  • Planning ahead

The most important thing about being a competent and efficient master of logistics lies in the very planning process involved in your tasks ahead. When the plan is solid you will have an extremely small chance of a break in the chain of logistics, unless you’re dealing with accidents and natural disasters. A good manager however will have more than one backup plan ready in case of such occurrences.

  • Avoid overconfidence

Although your plans may be foolproof, you should still know that overconfidence will get you a lot of problems ahead. You should keep in mind that if something may go wrong with your plans, then it eventually will and this will have implications that need to be addressed. Line up a number of backup plans, each backing up the previous such as alternate methods of transport, reserve transport and different routes in case of trouble in an area such as natural disasters or worse. Having a broad network of contacts and sources of products and services will also allow more flexibility in the long run.

  • Don’t panicThree Delivery Guys with Dollies

Keeping calm in the face of a disaster is a very important thing if you want to make it through. If you feel you lose control over a situation, then you will likely lose the whole operation and end up crashing all your efforts. If you want to be a better logistics manager you will need to be able to become a chessmaster capable of reacting on the fly and adapting to new situations without breaking stride in the process. Temporary solutions will be necessary and you will need to be strong for your team, allowing them to act with purpose in hard times. Its a lot of pressure, but if you believe in your ability and know your team you will have a much easier time handling emergencies.

  • Forge a bond with your team

One thing a good manager in any situation knows is that their team looks up to them. If your leadership is poor and you fail to inspire your team, then your results will plummet accordingly. The role of a leader is a hard one, but rewarding. You will need to make sure you forge a strong relationship between your team and with your vendors and supplies, earn their trust and their respect if you want to build something that lasts even if you’re not around to give direction.

  • Learning from your mistakes

No matter how good you are, you’re still human and you will eventually make a mistake somewhere down the line. Instead of making excuses for your failure you should use that as a stepping stone and a reason to be better, learn more and be prepared for things next time. Experience is built block by block on the backs of your mistakes and oversights, so never give up and keep moving forward.



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