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The Routine of an Ever Changing Routine

Posted on 21. Nov, 2013 by in Trucking

Many people who work a full time 9-5 job wonder about the routine of those who work jobs that are not as scheduled. One such job that has an ever changing schedule is that of a truck driver. Long Haul Truck Drivers Routines change daily, weekly or even monthly, almost never staying the same.

There are some parts to the driver’s routine that must be kept the same. These parts have to do with the regulations that are set by the Government in an effort to make the trucking industry more accident free. These regulations have to do with how many hours a driver may have on duty versus off duty. For instance, the current Federal regulation states that a driver may drive for a maximum of 11 hours IF they have had 10 consecutive hours off duty. For a driver to count hours as off duty, the driver must be either out of the truck, or in the sleeper bed of the truck.

This type of provision gives truck driver routines that must be followed by all long haul drivers. Another thing that gives drivers routines and patterns is the length of their trips, or hauls. Some drivers work to move goods from one state to another, often staying in a 3 or 4 state area. Other drivers drive from one side of the country to the other in order to deliver their products. Because of the variety in length and types of hauls, drivers must, of necessity, set up a routine that works for the type of work they are currently doing.

The average trucker drives on average 10 times more miles per year than the average driver of a passenger car, truck or van. With so many miles spent on the road, drivers must find ways of doing things that many who work a 40 hour desk job may take for granted. For instance, though most semi trucks that do long haul trips come equipped with a sleeper berth, or bed, the majority have no bathing or showering facilities. Truck drivers must plan their trips to be able to stop at facilities with adequate truck parking, showers available, and food.

All jobs come with their own routine, driving a semi truck long distance is no different. The routines of this job may just be ever changing to keep pace with the next long haul.

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