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The Location Advantage of Logistics Companies in Los Angeles

Posted on 01. Aug, 2014 by in Shipping

shipping in los angeles

Logistics companies is Los Angeles have a significant advantage – their location. On the surface, this statement seems obvious. These logistics companies are located in the second largest city in the United States and are surrounded by leading industries. Naturally, they are in a prime location for business. One advantage of their location, however, is specific to Los Angeles logistics companies only – the Port of Los Angeles.

The Port of Los Angeles is located a mere 20 miles from downtown Los Angeles in the San Pedro Bay. This seaport has been thriving and providing top-quality cargo operations for years. Logistics companies in Los Angeles have the distinct privilege of having such a powerful trading expressway at their disposal.

For ten years the Port of Los Angeles has transported more containers than any other port in the Western Hemisphere. With major investments placed on the port, it comes as no surprise that it is so successful. Efforts to build outstanding cargo terminals, rails, warehouse infrastructure and services for docks and destinations have made this port into a logistics dynamo.

For a complete picture of the advantages provided to logistics companies by the Port of Los Angeles, consider all the benefits based on their individual merits:

  • Progressing expansion programs for terminals.
  • A workforce of 18,000 personnel on hand.
  • Access to several local companies that handle special equipment.
  • Over 50 berths.
  • Over 70 gantry cranes.
  • Over 11,000 drayage trucks with model years of 2007 or newer.
  • 1.2 billion square feet of warehouses and distribution centers within 80 miles of the port.
  • Incentive programs that encourage reduced fees.

With the Port of Los Angeles running at such a high capacity, it is a wonder logistics companies in Los Angeles have enough employees to keep up. This port has transported more containers than any other port in the Western Hemisphere and continues to advance with each passing day. Couple the legacy of the port’s past with its current incentives and ongoing efforts for improvement in the future, and it is obvious that the success of a logistics company does not depend on when it operates, but instead on where.


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