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Small Business Logistics

Posted on 29. Jan, 2014 by in Shipping

One of the most difficult things to coordinate as a small business owner is the logistics of products.  Getting your goods from the factory into the customer’s hands is often much more difficult than you initially expect.  As an owner, you likely worry about 2 things when it comes to small business logistics: the quality of the product, and the satisfaction of the customer upon receipt.  What you may have failed to consider is the entire process that must take place between those 2 items.  The following are some common mistakes that small businesses make when it comes to logistics.

The first major error that business owners make is with cost estimation.  When shipments arrangements are made at the last minute, a lot can go wrong.  As a business owner, it is important (and very worth it) for you to research the cost of shipping services well in advance.  Guessing on a shipping quote can end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars due to paying a higher cost than you quoted the customer at.

Another small business logistics failure that owners make is failing to automate their systems.  Big name carriers spend as much as a billion dollars every year to make enhancements that will greatly benefit their consumers.  Through an automated process, you can do things more efficiently, easier, and for much less money.  If you are unable to automate your system on your own one solution to eliminate this problem would be to outsource your shipping and inventory management.  A company like LeSaint Logistics can oversee your inventory and shipping which will allow you to ensure that all products continue to be sold at their appropriate price point.

Perhaps the largest mistake that business owners make when dealing with logistics is offering international shipping without doing homework.  While international sales are wonderful, most business owners don’t have any experience shipping out of a country’s tax code.   You need to familiarize yourself with the tax code of the country you are shipping to in order to avoid unnecessary costs to the customer when the package arrives at their door.

Following the tips for small business logistics will help you run your business more effectively and help you avoid paying more than necessary for transportation services.

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