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LTL Shipping Methods

Posted on 27. May, 2014 by in Shipping

Saving Money Through LTL Shipping Methods

In the logistics business, saving time, money, and weight is the name of the games. The reason cross-country trucking is so popular is that it provides reasonable pricing for long haul deliveries and can transport goods and materials from one end of the country to the other in a matter of days. LTL, or Less-than-Truckload, shipping is a method of logistics that slightly increases the delivery time, but allows for greater flexibility in pickup and subsequently lowers the cost.

How Less-than-Truckload Saves Money

In order for trucking companies to make a reasonable profit through shipping, they must be able to deliver as much as possible in the cargo hold of their trailer. Moving a partially loaded trailer does not often provide enough funds for the journey to be worth it. For this reason, manufacturers who do not produce enough product to fill a truck often turn to LTL shipping. Through this means, they can schedule a truck to pick up their cargo and then deliver it to another trailer. Many partially loaded shipments can be combined so that the ultimate shipping cost is lowered. This type of logistics solution does mean that freight must generally spend a longer time on the road, so it is not ideal for all types of cargo, especially time sensitive goods.

Finding the Best Transportation Solution

Deciding if LTL is the right shipping solution for you largely determines on how much time clients can wait before receiving their goods. It also depends of the size of the delivery and the budget of the client. The best way choose the option that is right for your own particular situation is to sit down with a logistics expert and discuss all the relevant facts. Together with a logistics company, you can find the delivery method that will serve your purpose best. You may discover that your business needs to sacrifice a faster deliver time for the convenience of less-than-truckload shipping. To find out more, contact your shipping partner.

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