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Logistics Technology Keeps Advancing Forward | XL Logistics Blog

Logistics Technology Keeps Advancing Forward

Posted on 02. Apr, 2014 by in Trucking

There is a lot of competition in supply chain management, necessitating speedy adoption of new technology to improve speed and efficiency.  Recent logistics advancements in technology have improved information management as well as speed and accuracy in deliveries.

Bar codes have gone a long way in curbing delivery errors due to the ability to track a package.  Knowing where things are facilitates delivering the goods on time.  Label applicators make it easy and fast to apply identification labels and can be used to apply both barcodes and shipping labels.  They can also be used to mark the package contents with specific product information, for safety as well as tracking.  This allows for improvement in service to customers, as well, since they are able to track the status of their item.

A RFID tag is a device that is widely used in shipping and receiving, inventory control and more.  Radio-frequency identification is wireless and uses radio frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data.  A serial number is assigned to the product to track and a microchip is attached to the antenna which is the transponder or tag.  One advantage is that unlike a bar code, the tag can be embedded in the item to be tracked, and does not need to be within view of the reader.

Recent logistics advancements have helped the trucking industry.  Onboard computers (OBC) give shipping companies and logistics providers information on a driver’s speed, fuel, location, and hours of transit.  They help improve driver safety, give vehicle diagnostics, and verify pickup and delivery.  All of the data is geo-coded (GPS) so the truck’s location is always known.

With the recent logistics advancements, tracking and visibility have been greatly enhanced throughout the supply chain.  According to researchers, technology is the most important tool for businesses to use to continue to keep their competitive advantage.  Many logistic providers have realized that they must optimize their distribution network and embrace new technologies to keep up with the steadily advancing improvements.

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