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Logistics Speed – Tips for Developing a Successful Logistics Strategy

Posted on 15. Nov, 2013 by in 3pl

Logistics is about the organization, planning, and execution of the movement of goods, with perfect timing.  For a big or small company that is shipping a lot of different products and services to their consumer, it is crucial for the success of the company to implement a logistical strategy to keep high service levels no matter what.  For those businesses that are shipping internationally, have multiple product lines, or have customers with special requests, the logistics speed and strategy is even more imperative.  

It is hard to know where to start to improve the effectiveness of a business.  Tip number one, is finding a shipping provider that will offer the service levels you require at a discounted rate.  In order for a shipper to offer a discount, you will need to have the shipping volume they are looking for.  Thus, having a prediction of your logistics volume can play to your advantage and decrease freight costs and increase competitive advantage.

Second tip is to tap into technology.  The most up-to-date technology can have a huge impact on your logistics speed.  With the proper technology you can make your business more efficient.  A lot of the new technologies have automatic shipping, billing, tracking, and delivery status updates.  The customer will have real-time information regarding their shipment at their fingertips.  This experience alone can increase customer satisfaction.  You can also link up the different technology systems you use for each department.  Having the ability to share information between multiple departments and systems can save time and boost efficiency in both the front and back office.

In order to improve your logistics speed and strategy you have to have everyone in the company on board.  It has to be a team effort.  It would be beneficial to pull all departments of the business together and set goals as a team.  Logistical concerns, issues, and needs can be discussed and hopefully resolved.  By having clear goals in mind, it provides each employee with a priority list for each circumstance they might encounter.

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