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Logistics Innovations that Affect Consumers

Posted on 03. Feb, 2014 by in Shipping

Delivering goods from point A to point B may seem like a relatively boring field of work, but it is actually one of the driving forces behind every successful economy. Control of trade routes have made empires rise and fall, and building good roads, rails, and sea vessels has been an extremely important part of the growth of modern culture. Recent logistics advancements have allowed for people all over the world to purchase fresher foods, diverse luxury goods, and products from all over the world.

Faster Shipping Vessels

When it comes to trade, speed is the name of the game. Cultures of the past have gained economic dominance by building ships and vehicles that expanded current technology. Some recent logistics advancements include large powerful barges, huge freight aircraft, and fuel efficient semi-trucks. Many American logistics companies are built around reliable truck shipping and have access to rail, sea, and air freight options as well.

Competitive Pricing Through Affordable Shipping

In all areas of logistics, embracing cost saving techniques and utilizing the fastest shipping methods can help consumers and manufacturers save money. For producers, this means being able to offer their products at a competitive price when compared to their competition, and for customers this means spending less at the register.

Using Aerodynamics to Save Fuel and Money

Although semi-trucks are excellently shaped for holding a huge amount of goods, they are not all that well designed for efficient aerodynamics. Some recent logistics advancements include adding components to trucks that makes them more “slippery,” allowing them to push through the air with less energy, saving fuel and money. Some of the components include a windbreak above the cab, flexible curtains under the trailer, and a tail attached to the rear hatch of the storage unit. All of these devices can make a truck more streamlined. A great logistics company will pursue all avenues of economy and energy saving so that their services are affordable and efficient.

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