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Key Strategies for Effective Warehousing and Distribution

Posted on 13. Sep, 2013 by in Warehousing

For shipping companies, the most cost effective measure they can take is to perfect their warehousing and distribution centers. This means getting shipments in and out in an efficient manner. In shipping this is called a best practices program and it is necessary for every company to have one, though what works for one company will not necessarily work for another. A best practices program will reduce errors, cut back on labor, and enhance cycle time. All of these concepts will increase accuracy and service between suppliers and vendors.

Shipping companies should use advanced shipping notifications. With this, suppliers will notify receivers as to when a specific purchase order is going to arrive. Warehouse managers will then be able to better prepare for receiving for the day and allow for optimum dock utilization. If vendors comply with the warehouse, the advanced shipping notifications will work even better. For example, setting up specific case amounts and knowing how much product is needed from the vendor will allow for effective allocation in a minimum amount of time. It is vital to remember that technology is a necessary and convenient part of quality warehousing and distribution. Getting information on products via their barcodes for proper storage and using RF guns to pick items for shipment is much more useful than writing things down on paper. This will also help companies to eliminate the need for physical inventory since all inventory transactions will be stored on computers.

When it comes to warehousing and distribution centers, a few key practices will help them operate at maximum efficiency, cutting time and cost considerably.

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