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How International Shipping Is Connecting the World

Posted on 11. Oct, 2013 by in Shipping

There was once a time in human history when receiving a letter or package from a loved one meant waiting weeks or possibly months. Through wind and rain, sun and snow, riders on horseback or sailors on ships were responsible for delivering messages and goods. This is probably hard for some to imagine, for our modern day world of international shipping has connected postal systems around the globe and streamlined the process.

One of the largest advantages of being able to ship goods and care packages around the world is the connection it creates with other cultures and people. School children in America are able to gather school supplies for children in poor countries. They fill these boxes with heartfelt tools for classrooms and send letters along to tell how much they care. With the increase in technology, these children can even track their package and know exactly when their gifts arrive.

Another benefit of international shipping is the availability of goods. A person can travel to Europe, purchase a car there, and then have it shipped back to their home country. Through freight, air, sea cargo and port systems, it is possible to have almost anything you could think of delivered to your door, or at least your home town.

International shipping will continue to expand as the market grows and technology and engineering continue to create new modes of transportation. The benefits are felt by everyone, right down to the mother who buys bananas from Ecuador to feed to her children in Montana.

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