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Exploring the History of Logistics

Posted on 29. Jan, 2014 by in Uncategorized

If you are someone who is interested in both history and business, logistics history is something that could truly be fascinating to you. While logistics does not necessarily have a relatively long history, at least as we know it today, it does have a history that has helped shape many aspects of modern business, which would be by and large unrecognizable without the extremely important influence of logistics in the way things are done. Here are some of the interesting facts and milestone events in the history of logistics.

Modern dictionaries trace the word “logistics” in terms of business practices as far back as 1898, when it was used in a business article. Since then, it has been used in describing resources, such as physical goods, from the place of its origin to the point of its consumption. This shows that modern logistics history in the business world is largely a 20th century achievement.

In the 1920’s, Ford revolutionized many different aspects of business that were influential at the time, and continue to be so. Ford is most famous for making the assembly line as productive as it could possibly be, and thus is credited as a major innovator in the world of logistics.

In modern times, businesses are largely influenced by the history of logistics, but are also under a more watchful eye by both government entities and by society as a whole. No longer can companies participate in ethically questionable practices and hope to get away with it for very long. With social media and other forms of digital communication becoming more ubiquitous every day, logistics are held at a higher standard now than they were able to be held to years ago.

Logistics history is something that is still being formed today, as the business world is ever evolving. While we certainly live in an exciting time in many ways, it is interesting to see businesses adapt as they both learn from the past and prepare for the future.

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