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Eco-Friendly Shipping Practices

Posted on 30. Sep, 2014 by in Shipping

As environmental degradation has become an increasing concern, adopting eco-friendly shipping practices can make good business sense. While it may be impractical to ship everything via bicycle and small electric car, there are several eco-friendly measures that a transport company can take.


Carpool Shipping


Just as carpool driving is promoted in order to reduce air pollution from cars, so too can shipping transport be aggregated in order to reduce the number of trips. Whether the shipping is transported via van, flatbed truck, freight train, or cargo plane, the goods can be grouped together as much as possible to reduce trips and lessen transport emissions.


Reduce Empty Miles


By streamlining shipping routes through supply chain virtualization, a company can adopt more eco-friendly shipping methods by eliminating useless miles. Streamlining the supply chain and removing any unnecessary transportation steps will also help reduce costs.


Energy Efficient Office Equipment


Shipping companies can use eco-friendly office equipment. Computers, electric equipment, and appliances can all be purchased with the ENERGY STAR label. ENERGY STAR is a voluntary government program that labels products that meet its standards for energy efficiency. Using ENERGY STAR equipment will also help save electricity costs and may provide tax credits.


An Eco-Friendly Warehouse


A transport company can also take eco-friendly measures in the warehouse environment as well. Electric forklifts running on green power can help reduce a warehouse’s carbon footprint, and can eliminate noxious fumes from contaminating customer goods. Meanwhile, the roof of a warehouse, a vast expanse of otherwise empty space, can be used to generate green power using solar panels and a solar water heater. If not generating its own power, the warehouse can purchase green power from their utility and use energy efficient lighting.


Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle


Recycle | XLLogisticsBlog.comTransport companies can fully integrate the Earth-friendly mantra: reduce, reuse, and recycle. To help reduce paper, the company can invoice electronically. To reuse, the shipping company can repurpose packing supplies as much as possible. Finally, to recycle, the company can recycle as much shipping and packaging material as possible, such as cardboard, pallets, steel, PVC and sheet metal. The transport company can also buy and use recycled office and packing supplies, such as recycled paper for packing slips.


By adopting many of these eco-friendly shipping practices, a company can attract eco-conscious customers, help save the environment, and help save itself money in the process.


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