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Cargo Shipping Packing Tips

Posted on 27. May, 2014 by in Shipping

Cargo Shipping Packing TipsWhen exporting one should be aware of the international shipping demands in terms of packaged goods. You should consider the potential issues such as breakage, excess weight and moisture. Cargo is carried in containers but it may also sometimes be shipped in different ways too, such as a sling or a conveyor or chute which makes things more difficult in terms of packing. During the shipping the goods may be in contact with other goods and may also suffer violent impacts, depending on the situation and possible accidents. Overseas shipping facilities can be different from the ones in the US, so you will need to take that into account when packing and allowing the cargo to go through customs.

• Moisture is a serious concern in most cases as condensation can develop in ship holds no matter how well air-conditioned it is or whether they do have dehumidifiers. You should also make sure you understand that the goods may also be unloaded in an area with high humidity, so you will need to make sure things are well-packaged so they won’t suffer side effects.

• Buyers are often aware of the port systems when it comes to oversea shipping, so they will give some packaging requirements. If the buyer fails to specify this however you should make sure the goods are prepared using a few guidelines, such as using strong containers, sealing things and filling them as well as you can.Cargo Shipping Packing Tips2

• If you want to provide good bracing for your container, you should make sure you distribute its weight evenly so nothing can go wrong even if the cargo gets tossed around. You should always plan accordingly and put them either on pallets or putting them in strong containers. Make sure you pack things with moisture-resistant materials so they won’t suffer from any issues during moist weather. The last thing you want to find out is that your cargo arrived with mold in it.

• One very popular method of shipping is to make use of carrier or private leasing company containers. They can vary in size and materials as well as construction. They can accommodate most types of cargo but they are mostly best used for standard shipping.

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