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Logistics Management | XL Logistics Blog

What Is Logistics Management?

Posted on 30. May, 2013 by .


Logistics is the systematic process of storing and transporting supplies. The degree to which a company can effectively and efficiently perform these tasks can distinguish it in the industry. These tasks of transference are a division of the larger supply-chain-management scheme, which tracks information and inventory across companies and among business processes.  Efficiency, cost and […]

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Warehousing And Distribution | XL Logistics Blog

Organize Warehousing And Distribution Effortlessly

Posted on 29. May, 2013 by .


In the modern age of manufacturing, companies of all sizes hire third-party fulfillment businesses to manage their stock and transportation. They have discovered that by doing this, they reduce their outgoings. No more paying wages and benefits; no more hiring and firing woes: all of that is taken care of, at least from the warehousing […]

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